It’s funny just how less than two years ago, I was lamenting about the fact that being based in Valenzuela kept me from exploring many of Makati’s new restaurants. Now, having long settled in my new job, I find it hard to go out of the city every time I want to try a new restaurant; the Poblacion area in particular has been a default choice.

In fact, I’ve been here a lot more than the current rate of my blog posts indicates. There’s just a lot of interesting places to try (eh, not those places, pervert), and it’s hard to keep up with the writing when you’re juggling your full-time work with a part-time online job every day. But I realized that it’s already the latter part of October, and I don’t have a blog post yet for this month, so…

Anyway, one of the latest dining spots I tried was Cu Chi Bar in Ebro Street. The place is a pretty one, with walls decorated by artwork depicting communist Vietnam.

For this meal, we start with a three-piece serving of Cha Gio, or fried spring rolls, which is one of the more popular Vietnamese dish. This dish is basically similar to other deep-fried rolls found in Southeast Asia (like the Filipino lumpiang shanghai), although it has a distinct appearance, and is usually served with a fish-based sauce, rather than the peanut sauce of Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia, or the banana ketchup-based sauce of the Philippines. Cu Chi Bar also has fresh spring rolls (which are served in room temperature rather than fried) for the more health-conscious.

Cha Gio (Fried Spring Rolls with Pork) [PHP 200 / 3 pcs]
Of course, no Vietnamese meal is complete without pho, the dish that single-handedly put Vietnam cuisine on the map. This is a popular street food, but is featured in many Vietnamese restaurants around the world. And it’s hard not to see why when you’re faced with a large bowl of piping-hot broth with tender slices of beef. Cu Chi Bar serves only one size of the soup, but it can easily feed two people.

Pho Bo (Beef Noodle Soup) [PHP 240]
This is actually my second time here, the first one a few weeks earlier with another friend, when we had some bahn mi and Vietnamese coffee. The place has a chill vibe that makes you want to stay for a while long after you’re done with your meal, and the food is good enough for some return visits afterward.

Cu Chi Bar
2/F, 5767 Ebro Street, Poblacion, Makati
+63 9272445409
+63 9491031880
Facebook page


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    1. Yup, this week, I was able to try three, although I’ve been really busy lately to blog about them. Hopefully by next month or December, I can write about a few of them.

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