There’s just so much that had changed in Legaspi Village’s dining scene since I left my work there two years ago. There was a time when once or twice a week, I would have lunch with some of my coworkers in one of the restaurants in the area, and Legaspi Village would be so familiar it feels like second home. Now that I’m working on the other side of Ayala Avenue, it’s been hard to keep up with the new restaurants. Which is why I go here every chance I get.

The latest destination on my list is Trufa, a Spanish-inspired restaurant that does to pasta what Project Pie did to pizza. One of the latest to hop on to the DIY trend, Trufa lets diners customize their pasta dishes, allowing them choose which sauce, pasta and toppings go to their plate.

Vegetariana [(PHP 290) with farfalle pasta, truffle sauce (PHP 50) and sun-dried tomatoes (PHP 60)]; Quinoa Ensalada (PHP 300)
It’s a bit overwhelming to be faced with such a variety of items (Should I keep it simple with the oil-based sauce? Should I indulge with meat-based sauce? Should I live healthy with vegetables? And that’s just the sauce. We haven’t even gotten to the pasta.). But the staff can fill you in on what’s popular, or which sauce goes best to which pasta. And it’s not all pasta here, with some other items, such as salads and dessert items, rounding out the menu. Eventually I go for a quinoa salad, and a pasta dish consisting of farfalle, some vegetables, sun-dried tomatoes and truffle sauce.

There’s a chic vibe to the place (incidentally, the restaurant is located across Your Local), and the prices are heavy for a regular office break lunch. But the food tastes fresh and filling, and, yeah, they’re delicious as well, so it might work better as an after-work dinner date venue. There’s been some reviews online complaining of the serving size, but either the restaurant had adjusted, or those comments were off, because I was satisfied with my plate. My wallet is another story, though.

Trufa Pasta Bar
Unit A, Planters Building, 109 Esteban Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City
02 7712581
+63 9178045011
Facebook page


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