I haven’t made specific travel plans for 2017… yet. It all depends on how the next few weeks will pan out. But I’m determined to push it a bit much further, especially now that I’ve accomplished my “goal” of visiting every ASEAN-member country (technically, East Timor is a Southeast Asian country, but it’s not a permanent member of ASEAN, so I get to have an excuse of putting it off for an undefined later date). My radar’s honed in on some couple of places, and I am dead set on visiting those next year.

For now, I am enjoying home. Where it is possible to be able to be welcomed by nature after a long day in an air-conditioned building. Where I can take in the gentle breeze, salt-drenched air, and realize how incredible it is to still be able to enjoy nature despite the urban trappings.

It has been around three months since I moved into this condo. I’m still getting used to the feeling. But it’s something I can’t complain about.


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