I’m supposed to be spending this weekend in Abra, chasing waterfalls in the central part of the province. But a failed meet-up earlier this week resulted in me spending more than I planned, and because I’m dead set in saving for some planned trips next year, I had to cancel that trip and spend the whole Saturday in Taguig instead.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been returning here, particularly in Bonifacio Global City. There’s just some sort of a tender feeling being in the midst of its alternating tall buildings and wide open spaces. I mean, I’m more a nature person than a city one, but if I have to spend much time in the city on a weekend, my first choice be here.

It’s not really about the first-world amenities, but the general serenity of the place. Here, even during rush hour, there’s a distinct lack of chaos that is present in many other cities, even in Makati.

This afternoon, I decide to go farther. I head to McKinley Hill, which is another posh enclave in the area, just south of the American Cemetery. It’s changed a lot since I last went here two years ago. Now, there’s a whole mall that tries to replicate Venice, complete with a faux canal and gondolas gliding along the water. It is kitschy, but I admit that a stroll along the mall during a weekend afternoon is a fun experience, and certainly something to look forward to again sometime later.

Maybe this whole thinking ahead and staying put idea will reap rewards later. And future me will thank present me.


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