It’s been a while. This blog’s caught in a limbo between me trying to catch up with responsibilities from work and other extracurricular stuff, and updating posts on my recent trip to Myanmar. And now that I’m slowly getting back to the groove, it’s back to the regular.

As was the case last year, when the trip to Laos left me craving for Lao food, the trip to Myanmar had me salivating for Burmese food. But whereas Lao food is very similar to Thai, Burmese dishes are a little bit more distinct – a mix of Thai, Indian and Chinese. There aren’t any Burmese restaurants in the Philippines, though, so I resign to having those cravings satisfied with a meal at another Thai restaurant in Makati.

Songkran has been around quite a while now in the area, serving popular Thai dishes at relatively affordable prices. It’s the second branch, the first one being in Parañaque, for the establishment started by a Thai expat.

It’s a few minutes past noon when we get there, and the place is packed with yuppies in corporate attires. The interiors are nondescript, and the dim lights don’t help in livening up the area, especially with the rain clouds threatening to pour down (spoiler alert: they don’t).

Som Tam (PHP 145)
Chicken Pad Thai (PHP 205)
Kaeng Ped Tahu (PHP 175)
Thai Iced Tea (PHP 195)

But we’re hungry, and we’re not really sticklers for ambiance. On this particular visit, my brother and I go with the bestsellers. He orders a Chicken Pad Thai. I, meanwhile, have Som Tam (green papaya salad that is popular in northeastern Thailand and Laos) and Kaeng Pad Tahu (vegetable and tofu curry). All washed down with a glass of Thai iced tea.

Valero Carpark 2, Valero Street, Salcedo Village, Makati
02 8937551
02 2121212


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