The cuisine at El Phante, one of the food stalls in Kapitolyo’s Gastro Park, does not fit into a single category, but, ahem, fuses two familiar flavors – Thai and Mexican. The stall has become one of the more popular in the area, drawing considerable buzz since it opened.

It’s a  humid holiday afternoon when a friend and I arrive. There’s only one table occupied but as we wait for our order, the crowd slowly trickles in. It takes a while for our meals to arrive, and while we wait, we resist the temptation to order from other stalls. Diet and budgeting, you know.

Chipotle Chicken Basil (PHP 149)

First comes the Chipotle Chicken Basil. This dish composed of stir-fried chicken chunks with chipotle pepper sauce hits the right notes with its piquant taste and just the right amount of spice.

Sriracha Carnitas Tacos (PHP 179)

The Sriracha Carnitas Tacos are also great, with the meat resembling sisig. 

Reviews of the food in Gastro Park in general have been mixed, but El Phante is one where the assessment is mostly positive. The owners apparently have spent considerable time and effort into experimenting with the ingredients, with the menu drawing from a wealth of influences from both sides of the world. Dishes like pad thai with chicharrones, and fried chicken pandan with habanero soy sauce at the very least sound intriguing and beg for a return visit.

El Phante
Gastro Park, 1st Street, Kapitolyo, Pasig City
+63 917 8473936
Facebook page


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