If history is written by the winners, then let’s just hope that this won’t result in the negation of the legacy by those who fought to regain the civil liberties that we have been taking so much for granted.

Whatever happens, I hope that the desire for change should not supersede justice, humanity and right. I hope that we voted for the candidates who in our judgment are best qualified for particular offices, without reference to parochial affiliation. I hope we kept in mind that we assume some responsibility for the decisions that our elected candidate may make – whether good or bad. There are greater issues that are at stake other than the divide caused by our differing views.

Whomever we ended up voting, it should not lessen our confidence in one another, or our concern for those who differ from us. We must permit no personal antagonism or prejudice to embitter us against anyone. Whether one chooses to vote or not to vote a certain politician, whether one chooses to live a life that is against our moral convictions, one should receive no judgment from us because of his/her choice.

We should cling on to the Truth but we should proclaim it with grace and radical love, avoiding the Pharisaical tendencies we oh-so-easily fall into.


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