On the day Metro Manila experiences record-high temperature, I and some friends from the church find ourselves in Tagaytay, a favorite weekend destination among city-dwellers for its relatively cool temperature, relaxing views of Taal Volcano, a couple of worthwhile recreational options and a good selection of restaurants. Our trip sounds like a cliche, true, but it doesn’t make it any less fun and – uhm – restorative.

What we did was spend virtually the whole morning on the road, riding a bus to Sta. Rosa, then a tricycle to the jeepney terminal, then a jeep somewhere in Cavite, then another tricycle to Tagaytay.

We just wanted to be outside Metro Manila for a short while and bask in all Tagytay’s rustic charm while sipping coffee. And we did just that, while including a short stop in Picnic Grove, too.

It was essentially a continuation of the Taal trip last year I had with Innah and Rachelle, this time with Luc, Con and Sarah. We originally planned going to Nasugbu, Batangas and swim, but, swamped with commitments, we settled for a quick break in Tagaytay instead, and penciled a longer break when the schedule clears up.


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