Calligraphy has grown in popularity the past months, in part due to social media. It’s ironic that as more and more people prefer typing rather than actually using a pen to put words on a paper, the art of making beautiful letters has garnered more and more fans, as skilled hands that produce aesthetic handwritten fonts exhibit their works on Instagram and their personal blogs. And the works are so pretty that it has become more than an aesthetic end – it has found itself in many magazines, restaurants, and other products that attempt to veer from the more rigid fonts.

Some of those artists were at Love Calligraphy, an exhibition and workshop in Glorietta on February 13. The lineup of calligraphers include calligraphy extraordinaire Abbey SyAnina Rubio, Jeth Torres, and Paola Esperon. The artists got working at the start of the event, filling the blank murals with visual poetry.

There were also a series of calligraphy demos by Robby Hidalgo, Rubio and Sy, among others.

Even if you don’t have the skilled hands to create the graceful curves and strokes, the artists’ writing will inspire you to create your own art – no matter what your means will be.


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