TacoVengo isn’t all about authenticity, I should have told my friend. Not that I know how an authentic Mexican taco tastes like, but there are certain expectations on what you’re going to get out of a dish.

My friend and I find ourselves in Kapitolyo on a Saturday afternoon, more than a year after we last explored the place and dined in a restaurant serving a fusion of Mexican and Filipino dishes. Today, we’re in another restaurant serving what can be only described as Mexican fusion.

TacoVengo, one of the latest additions in Kapitolyo’s ever-changing restaurant scene, sets out to twist familiar Latino favorites into something more familiar with local tastes. That may earn the restaurant a notoriety granted to dining establishments that describe themselves as fusion if it weren’t the case that the food here is simply darn good. The owners of the restaurant, which is located in what used to be a container van, keeps the menu uncomplicated with just a few items that can be ordered as tacos, burritos, or – as a newly introduced option – a rice meal.

Honey Soy Glazed Chicken Taco (PHP 95) and Orange Chipotle Steak Taco (PHP 110)

I order the chicken and steak variants, and after what turns out to be a fairly long wait, a plate of two tacos arrive on the table. The meats are flavorful and juicy, the presentations are visually striking, and the place’s chilled vibe makes dining here an even much better experience.

Pork Cheek Confit Burrito (PHP 230)

My friend orders the burrito version of the Pork Cheek Confit, a fancy term for sisig, upon the server’s recommendation. It leaves him disappointed, complaining that it tastes “like a typical Pinoy breakfast.” I manage to get a taste and I disagree. It’s really just sisig but it’s a delicious sisig. Perhaps, the preconceived idea of a burrito’s taste simply doesn’t match with my friend’s actual experience.

In these days of “authentic” overload, there is still an enjoyment to be had from having something that is simply delicious.

16 United,
Kapitolyo, Pasig,
(0929) 774 8671
Facebook page


2 thoughts

  1. I completely agree with you. People get too hung up on what’s authentic. To me the taste comes first, whether it’s fusion or authentic. Food should be enjoyed anyway especially if it tastes delicious.

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