It’s been so long (more like just about a month, but that’s ages in Internet time) since I’ve eaten in a restaurant, and much of that has to do with the flurry of activities and events in the previous weeks. I had to settle a few things in the real world first, and it took a while, but all seem to be getting back to normal.

Now that I can heave a sigh of relief, Johann and I find ourselves in Trinoma one Wednesday evening to catch Avengers: Age of Ultron on its opening night. That, and to gorge a little on comfort food, from which I’ve abstained myself for quite a while (what with the 40-day fasting and the gallstone attack earlier this year). This night, we decide that we want nothing more than a movie and burgers.

For the past few years, there has been an emergence of restaurants specializing in patties between buns, but Metro Manila’s craving for the sandwich endures even if newer food trends constantly threaten to sway the needle of a foodie’s gastronome’s food fan’s compass. But the best restaurants usually last because of convenience and reliability. These are the hallmarks of the irrepressible Moment Group, which has been responsible for the growing number of popular casual dining establishments in the city.

The most ubiquitous in their stable, the 8 Cuts Burger Blends, is where Johann and I spend the hour or so before the movie starts. A spin-off of Burger Bar in Greenbelt 2 in Makati, 8 Cuts serves up mostly similar items from its sister restaurant’s menu, the difference being that it uses oxtail (the “8th cut”) on its patties.

I’m not sure how exactly that additional cut translates to better-tasting burgers, and frankly we don’t care. In the numerous times we’ve dined here and in Burger Bar, we’ve always been really satisfied customers.

Onion Rings (PHP 65.00)

Tonight, we start with an order of onion rings. Fries usually generate fervor as a companion to burger, but lately I’ve been intrigued by the popularity of 8 Cuts’ rings. It turns out that these have an addictive barbecue flavor, and can stand on its own even without ketchup or sauce.

Cheeseburger, 1/4 pound (PHP 195.00)

And then there are the burgers. Still not confident that my digestive system can handle another overabundance of calories and fats, I eschew the more elaborate items on the menu and settle for a quarter-pound cheeseburger, complete with some lettuce, tomato, onions and a smattering of Sauce No. 4. It’s a classic iteration that always works for me. And because I’m getting a filling sandwich with a hefty, tasty chunk of protein, I think it’s priced pretty reasonably as well.

Q-Daddy, single patty (PHP 295.00)

The Q-Daddy, which Johann orders, piles on the frills with a patty made of flank, ox tail, and rib eye, then topped with yellow cheddar, onion tanglers, crisp bacon strips, iceberg lettuce, tomato, jalapeno ranch, and barbecue sauce.

It’s always a comforting thought that in the midst of life’s complications, there are things that are simply the good stuff. And 8 Cuts is one of those. We come in knowing what we want, and it provides us with that. And then all is right with the world.

8 Cuts Burger Blends (Trinoma Branch)
2/F Trinoma Mall
North Avenue, Quezon City
(02) 730-3884
Facebook page


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