Last week, I had some sort of vacation. Our church held a four-day youth camp in Norzagaray, Bulacan, and I was one of the facilitators. Prior to the camp itself, I helped in the promotion, doing teaser trailers, as well as the designs for the communication materials like the camp logo, banners and camp booklets.

Commitments and policies regarding leave from work prevented me from joining the first two days so I arrived at the camp site on the penultimate day. Story short, it was fun.

If I could describe the past few weeks in a word, it would be “liberating.” For some reason, since April started I was able to strip myself off any inhibition, even managing to hold myself when I was assigned to host a program at work.

Liberating, because the past few days allowed me to really get out of my comfort zone once more, to have a chance again to let out my adventurous side and just be able to enjoy life as it happens. I was able to trade the drudgery in the office to the freedom of nature and the outdoors, even if for just a couple of days.

Liberating, because I was surrounded with people whom I’ve grown fond of.

Liberating, because now I really know God is in control.

And even if a really sad farewell with a really great friend is going to happen anytime soon, I know it won’t be for good. As she said, “It isn’t good bye; just a really long time until we meet each other again.”


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