If Barcelona is the party-crazed twenty-something decked in a two-piece bikini, Madrid is her middle-aged sister who apparently has yet to trade her business attire for a more casual outfit. Not that the Spanish capital doesn’t know how to party (oh, how it does!); it’s just that after years of conservatism under the Franco regime, Madrid has had a lot of catching up to do with its hedonistic sibling. Things are a-changing, though, and the city’s tourism scene has really figured prominently in Filipino travel circuits, especially among show biz and elite folks.

As the capital of the nation that once colonized the Philippines, Filipinos will certainly discover an immediate connection with madrileños, whether on the predisposition for fiestas and naps (siesta!) or the number of Spanish words that has assimilated to the Filipino lexicon. Madrid, simply put, is a place that’s very easy to relate to, and therefore, easy to love; no sooner than you’ve reached the city, you’re already planning your next trip here.

First published in TravelBlog on July 13, 2010.


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