wagyu beef tapa closeup-7

From March 20 to 31, Pepper.ph ran a contest in which readers were asked to submit a picture of what a beautiful morning means to them. The prizes were free breakfasts for 50 winners in AK Bistro, the high-end sister of Angel’s Kitchen in Greenhills.  (The restaurant recently started serving a lineup of breakfast items daily from 8 to 11:30 a.m.) Just for fun, I submitted a picture I took of a stack of pancakes I made, but knowing that the readers of the food blog are an intelligent and creative lot, I half-expected that my entry wouldn’t get picked.

But what do you know, I did get picked. So I found myself in Rockwell one morning to claim my prize from the restaurant and ordered the most expensive item on the menu, the Wagyu Beef Tapa with Garlicky Onion Rings (actually, just a fancy name for tapsilog). Of course, that meant breaking my commitment to go meatless for the 40 days of lent, but, hey, I don’t get to have a free meal at a classy restaurant everyday.

For dessert, I tried the restaurant’s bestseller Rustic Apple Pie, which, because isn’t part of the prize, I paid for.

ak bistro facade-1

ak bistro inside 01-2

ak bistro 02-3

ak bistro inside 03-4

orange juice-5
Orange juice (complimentary)
Wagyu Beef Tapa with Garlicky Onion Rings (PHP 418)
Wagyu Beef Tapa with Garlicky Onion Rings (PHP 418)
Rustic Apple Pie
Rustic Apple Pie (PHP 248)

AK Bistro
G/F Makati One Rockwell,
Rockwell Center,
Makati City
(02) 478-9880


2 thoughts

    1. Thanks! The tapa was indeed delicious, though I’m not sure if I’d want spending more than PHP 400 for tapsilog. It’s one of my frustrations in life – to perfect a sunny side up, hehe 🙂

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